Hey, just wanted to say thanks. 

After years of carefully listening to your feedback,

we're thrilled to introduce our new rewards program.




Digital. Fast. Convenient. 

Store it on your phone or request a physical card.

 Available in all Elsalad restaurants and food truck.

Early sign up bonus : Earn up to three times the rewards vs old system.


Join the community before 31 December 2018,

benefit from an additional bonus on your account!

Community Card

Gets you a 235 CHF Greencard

Community Card

Gets you a 1250 CHF Greencard

Community Card

Gets you a 600 CHF Greencard
Help us raise 100,000CHF for our second restaurant
69,073 CHF collected

Available for a limited time, the new community card can be used at any Elsalad, food truck included!

And because you believe in us, we believe you deserve even more. Benefit from a 10% bonus each time you reload your card!

Your credit never expires and you can buy any/all of our products. Credit is not yet valid when using our online shop/office delivery. For all questions, send us an email to  Terms and Conditions apply.